Rang-e khoda (The Color of Paradise)

The story revolves around a blind boy named Mohammed. He comes home for summer vacation, where he enjoys the life with his two sisters and Granny. His father is a widower now wants to marry a Local girl and is in preparation for the wedding. He approaches the girls parents with gifts and they give him approval.

Mean time Mohammad roams around the beautiful hill side of his village with his sisters and touches and feels the nature. The boy is so enthusiastic. He goes to the local school with his sisters and reads the lessons from his text book in Braille which amazes the children and the teacher.

His father sees the blind boy as a burden and think he may become an obstacle in his proposed marriage and tries to keep away the boy from the family. He takes the boy against his will to a blind carpenter who agrees to make him an apprentice. The granny doesn’t agree to this and fells sick . The blind carpenter mentor the boy who wants to see the god. Mohammad says god doesn’t love him and thus made him blind but the carpenter says since they are blind god loves them more and tells him to try and feel the god.

The granny dies and the wedding called off only to be cancelled later by the brides family. Mohammad’s father decides to bring him back . He goes and brings the boy back but on the way when they cross a small bridge across a river on horse back, the small wooden bridge collapses and the boy fells into water.. For a moment his father stands still as his inner sense wants to get rid off the boy , but he regains his consciousness and jumps to the water. He as well as the boy are carried away by the roaring water.. When the film ends the father wakes up on the shore and finds the boy laying far away He takes the body and cries, but when the screen goes blank the boys fingers are shown moving as if in heavenly light..

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